Family Session

What to expect and how to prepare:

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some colors and textures into your session wardrobe. That’s what makes photos stand out and really pop. Always try and include a warm color in the midst of the cold ones, even something as little as a pink or red scarf, for example, will make all the difference. Check out my gallery for further inspiration. Try and stay away from too much black, busy patterns or big logos if you can help it. Bring your hats, jackets, jewelry, scarves, and cute shoes. Keep your body type in mind and stick to fitted clothes. 

Please bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal to incorporate into the photos, it probably won’t be long until he/she grows out of it and it would be great to capture the memory of their first loving bond.

For families with 2 or more children, (especially under the ages of 5) please bring someone with you if possible (Grandmother, Aunty etc.) for best results. It is very helpful to get the children’s attention and compliance during the session. Bribery works too! Bring some goodies.

We’ll have to work fast to satisfy their short attention span but plan an hour for the session for sure. Make sure your children and husband are fed and happy before our session. Haha.

Remember to have fun and relax. I absolutely love children and photographing them is my favorite. I love the fact that they are completely themselves no matter what and 100% natural in front of the camera. Let their personality’s shine! Let me worry about the rest.

The location will be chosen by me, within Edmonton only. I will send you an email with the location closer to our session.

You will be given a link in 1-2 weeks to an online gallery to choose 20 photos you love best for me to edit. That way, you never miss out on a smile or glance you love best, that I might not have chosen for you. You will be given another link to download your digital files with all printing rights once completed. Feel free to share and pass along to whomever you choose! I always try my best to stay caught up on my edits but please allow 5-6 weeks at the most for your completed photos. Hope to see you soon!